Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Player of the Game

He would still be clutching the ribbon in his hand. My husband had to pry it from him. He is so proud of that ribbon. A simple dark blue ribbon with the words "Player of the Game" written on it. He was so excited as he ran up to me at the end of his soccer game last night. "I got it! I got it! I got player of the game." His little 3 1/2 year old voice squealed with excitement. I picked him up and swung him up in the air giving him a million little kisses. I was so proud. All the fighting and arguing, the I will not go to my room, share the toys, play nicely with my friends, get dress, eat nicely vanished. All I saw was pure joy- childhood joy.

Later it dawned on me that I can easily forget that that 3 second lift in the air is all he really wants from me. That feeling of being swept up into the sunny air with secure hands holding him up. Some days it seems like we are far from that moment. He is just like me stubborn, argumentative, secure in his position, and outwardly unashamed of it. Hence our tug of war.

Today I got something too. I was "Cohen's mother" for a brief moment. Not child minder, or scheduler, or maid, or peace keeper. I was just a happy mom swinging her happy child a little closer to the sun.

Thanks Coach Peter!


gray matter said...

Wow myrtle, I must say this extremely interesting I cant wait to see where this blog is going to go. give it some time and then you'll be on youtube! and pretty soon you'll have television producers calling you from all over to have your own talk show giving advice to mom's everywhere! well knowing you I must say that I wasn't the least bit surprised by this idea. this is perfect for you. I can soooo see you making a living out of this in one way or another. its great that you've chosen to connect your family with the other families in cyber space. And I will be following this blog very closely. As a writer I have a lot to say! my experiences as an infant, adolescent and now as a young adult have shaped, molded and malleated me in me in sooo many ways. my childhood was bitter sweet, and its safe to say that there were more bitter moments than sweet ones. If I had to start to tell you the levels maltreatment and perpetual torment I went through this blog would be about me! but its not. all I can say myrtle... stay close to your turtles! love them, advise them, nurture them but don't stifle them. let them be who they are and know that time is the teller of all things and you can never ever predict what they're going to be like by their bad choices. ensure that your expectations of them are reasonable and realistic. Remember children cant be what you want them to be, they can only be them selves. know that there is no such thing as "normal" and life, and people's opinions of right and wrong are ambiguous. Love them always myrtle! regardless of what people have to say! never ever call them "stupid" or "worthless" or any other words which give off a derogatory connotation! and please whatever you do never, ever strike them myrtle! love should be infinite and never unsure. Ensure that you're children are never hesitant to come to you if they have a problem... ensure that they are never ever left frozen in fear when in your presence! from what I can see so far your life and you children are beautiful! you're a great person and a great mother.
I'm really excited about this blog :)
Stay happy!
love J!

Myrtle's Turtles said...

Thanks J! What a sweet surprise! You are turning out to be quite the writer yourself! I can't wait to read that book of yours. Thanks for advice. I am always up for great parenting tips- there is always something I can learn from somebody.