About Me

What You Will Find Here:

You will find a bit of everything.  From my new life as a single mother to my new adventures with my work, faith and relationships.  I love clean food, running, and having lots of girl time.  

What I am obsessed with right now:

I have rediscovered my love of running and exercise.  In the last 6 months I started on a journey to transform my body and my mind.  I have lost over 50 pounds and have just under 50 pounds more to lose.  The journey involves more than weight loss.  My ability to live in the moment, pursue self-love and be true to my walk with God are all part of this journey.

10 Things About Me

1.  I love peanut butter ice-cream even though my son is allergic and we don't eat dairy!
2.  I am an only child who wishes she had a twin.
3. I became a Christian when I was 8 years old 
4. 1979 was a pretty heavy duty year: my father died, my mother went to live in another country, and I survived a devastating hurricane
5. I love orange markers, clothes, food, and everything else orange (makes me so happy)
6. I had 4 children in 4 years!  
7. I recently returned to teaching after being a stay at home mom for a while.
8. My friends are the BEST! Really!  You will never find women like these women!
9. I love to bake from scratch.
10. I am blessed!