My Family

Title: Mama
Aspirations: Go through a day without yelling- and not have laryngitis
Favourite People: My mom and my adorable friends
Dislikes: Whining, Whining, Whining
Proudest Moment: Seeing my children comfort each other when they are hurt.

Title: The Dictionary
Aspirations: Taking over the house
Likes: Being the Boss & Digesting Books
Dislikes: Being 5 and not 15
Proudest Moment: Learning how to ride without "little wheels"

Title: The Funny Man
Aka: Kiki
Aspirations: Become my brother
Likes: Kindergarten
Dislikes: Sleeping alone
Proudest Moment: Going to big boy school

Title: The Diva
Aka Hannah- Banana
Aspirations: Overthrow my brother once he takes over the house.
Likes: Food
Dislikes: Lack of Food
Proudest Moment: Going to dance class

Title: Ella-Shilloh
AKA: The doll
Aspirations: Join my siblings in the fun
Likes: Girl's Nights
Dislikes: Children my own age
Proudest Moment: Teaching my mom that anything is possible.