Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'll Be Coming Down the Mountain

Moses and Mothers Press On
I kept him with us that Sunday.  He loves his Sunday School class.   The pastor talked about persevering with our children.  Soon after, I felt his little hand take mine and wrap it around his waist without a word.  The pastor continued to talk about Moses and his failures.  She reminded us that Moses kept on going.  He got frustrated with the Israelites but he kept on going.  There are many days that I want to press stop.  I would even settle for a pause.  Every mother knows you can't run away from home.  You have to come back down that mountain like Moses did to face what they have been up to.
Getting the News
Exactly 4 years ago to that Sunday (June 6, 2006) we found out that we would be parents.  We didn't have to wait for a stick or wait for a doctor's phone call.  Our news came from a social worker.  My husband picked me up from my teaching job that afternoon.  I knew the social worker had already given him the answer.  As I got into the car I eyed my husband anxiously.  His mouth opened with these horrific words, "They went with someone else."  My heart sank and then it lifted a little.  I saw a spark of mischievousness in his eyes.  "I'm just joking.  They picked us."  Just like that we became parents.  Four years ago on 06/06/06 I entered the motherhood.

The number 666 used to worry me.  The day my husband broke the news to me, we were on our way to sign mortgage papers. We couldn't help but share our news with the world.  The lawyer that was helping us was delighted for us.  I told her about my uneasiness about the number 666.  She explained that she is Jewish and that 666 added together was 18.  This number 18 signified life - Chaim.  So many lives were getting a new start.

Like Moses I often come down the mountain to find disappointment and chaos.   However, sometimes I witness moments when my son wraps my arm around him like a soft scarf protecting him from the lifeless cold.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Childhood - Everything That We Live For

Along with the mums in our Summer Chums group I have enjoyed the rising of the summer sun and the  starlit nights.  Water play, picnics in the sun and zoo visits are key ingredients in the lives of our children.  My role as a SAHM is not valued because I might grow a doctor, lawyer or a nuclear physicist.  Childhood should be savoured and enjoyed because it is change in your pocket on an empty day.

I think about the simple things I did as a child and I wonder why I return to them.  The farm visits, the late Sunday night trips to the park, and growing strawberries in the backyard.  Why do I go back to these memories?  I go back because those moments soothe me. Even though I endured a lot of pain and loss in my childhood the moments that my family created filled me.  Today I want to thank God for my childhood and the moments I seek to create with my children.

Thank you Lord for the memories of my childhood:

-stopping to pick strawberries after a ride in the country
-impromptu visits to the park after Sunday evening service
-picnics on the side of the road
-homemade summer treats
-ice cream floats just because
-sitting at the back of the station wagon 

Thank you Lord for helping me create these moments for my children:

-getting covered with sand after a day spent at the beach
-making a joyous splash at the local splash pad
-bubble gum ice-cream with bubble gum balls
-discovering the magic in bubble blowing
-backwards day ending with pancakes for dinner
-dancing to Hillsong Kids and singing our hearts out

Thank you Lord for showing me that it truly is in the moments childhood is created.  The making of a childhood may not be rocket science but it is every thing that we live for.

Join Ann Voskamp as she encourages us to give thanks.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girl's Just Want to Have Fun

This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun!

Recently one of my friends had a girl’s night at her parent’s house - genious!  Did I mention that I brought along my 2 month old?  As I drove up to the party my newborn started crying.  Her cries made me question my active social life. Was I being selfish for wanting this time away with my girls.  Shouldn’t I just stop for a few months until she could sleep though the night?  Guilt started to cloud my excitement.  Then fear was the next uninvited guest. 

Join me at Blissfully Domestic today while I explore having fun after having a baby.  You might pick up some party ideas too!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I once heard a parent expert say that you should try to say yes more often to your kids.  So yesterday I decided to do something that is rare in our home.  I encouraged my children to eat dye and sugar- together! For those of you who have children who respond to these ingredients- you understand.  For those of you who don't- thank God and keep on reading.  

I bought a new snow cone "machine" at a garage sale on Saturday.  I call it a "machine" because you kind of have to work hard for the little flakes of ice.  The excitement on my children's faces as I used the crank to make those precious flakes were precious.  They squealed with excitement when I squeezed out the Kool-Aide like syrup all over those precious flakes.  When I presented the snow cones to them they licked their little lips and smiled sweetly in anticipation for those precious coloured flakes (with dye and all).

While they were filling their cheeks with "the good stuff" my eldest son said, "you are the best mom".  I chuckled at the thought and then accepted it graciously.  In that moment, of purple dyes and sugar highs I was the best mom for my children.  I'll take that!

Thank God for:

-purple tongues
- the lake that supplies soothing sounds, pleasure for the eyes, and a playground for my children
-our new snow cone "machine"
-the $1 rack at our favourite store
-picnics at the park

Join Ann Voskamp as she gives thanks.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

New Mercies

Trusted friends spilled love over and around each other.  Stories of love failed, stumbling and burnt  was met with cool flowing reminders that His love renews.  Sometimes life is so difficult that the morning loses it's purpose.  No longer is it an opportunity to start over and take courage. It becomes a time to gird, to build walls, to dread.  Thank God for trusted friends who remind you of His faithfulness in the midst of difficulty.  

Thank you God for:
-new mercies every morning
-floating plastic boats in the kitchen sink
-cool dawn breezes
-a quiet early morning house
-friends who care enough to challenge, share and defend
-time at home with the "little people"

-peanut butter ice-cream (away from home of course)
-God's way of speaking to me loud and clear

God's loyal love couldn't have run out, 

   his merciful love couldn't have dried up.

They're created new every morning. 

   How great your faithfulness!

I'm sticking with God (I say it over and over). 

   He's all I've got left.  Lamentations 3:22-24 The Message

Join Ann Voskamp as she encourages us to renew our week with gratitude.
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Sharing My Faith

A few months ago my friend told me that she was going to start sharing her faith with her neighbours.  She was determined to open her heart and her home to those around her to share the love of God.  Not long after this, I felt the tug to pray for a neighbour.  The only problem?  I had never met this neighbour.  I didn't  even know her name.  Worst yet, I am in the midst of a bit of turmoil in my own life and felt that I had no reason to open my heart to my neighbours for fear that I would turn them away form God rather than attract them.

Join me at Blissfully Domestic today while I  share how I am encouraged to share my faith during these difficult times.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We Play with i play Review

Have a look at the Check It Out page to your right.  Click on the page to read reviews on swimsuits for kids and cloth diapers.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Chums

Planning an event is like baking and cooking (my other loves).  You combine incredible people, with an amazing setting, and lovely food.  This summer I wanted to share the experiences with my friends, our children and other moms in our area.  Thus Summer Chum's was created.  I created a Facebook page where moms in my area could post events and join each other for regular outings.  

Today we met under sunny blue skies, surrounded by the lake and the laughter of our children. Blankets rolled out, children gathered, watermelon was shared, and all was well in the world.  It is important for me to plan these sunny moments because chaos and tragedy always come uninvited.  I need these moments to carry me through the winter of life.  Today I am so grateful for the people that make up my Summer Chums

God thank you for: 

- blankets and quilts as picnic tables
-inspiration from children
-friends who will hold your baby forever 
-bathing suit clad mothers who will play at the splash pad with your children
-waves of crystal blue water that hug our beautiful shore
-Cohen's resolve to have a good day
-bowls overflowing with watermelon triangles
-Kiran's bouncy curls
-Hannah's face under a floppy summer hat
-Ella-Shilloh's sweet and easy disposition
-sunny skies
-green grass meeting bare feet

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