Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Chums

Planning an event is like baking and cooking (my other loves).  You combine incredible people, with an amazing setting, and lovely food.  This summer I wanted to share the experiences with my friends, our children and other moms in our area.  Thus Summer Chum's was created.  I created a Facebook page where moms in my area could post events and join each other for regular outings.  

Today we met under sunny blue skies, surrounded by the lake and the laughter of our children. Blankets rolled out, children gathered, watermelon was shared, and all was well in the world.  It is important for me to plan these sunny moments because chaos and tragedy always come uninvited.  I need these moments to carry me through the winter of life.  Today I am so grateful for the people that make up my Summer Chums

God thank you for: 

- blankets and quilts as picnic tables
-inspiration from children
-friends who will hold your baby forever 
-bathing suit clad mothers who will play at the splash pad with your children
-waves of crystal blue water that hug our beautiful shore
-Cohen's resolve to have a good day
-bowls overflowing with watermelon triangles
-Kiran's bouncy curls
-Hannah's face under a floppy summer hat
-Ella-Shilloh's sweet and easy disposition
-sunny skies
-green grass meeting bare feet

holy experience