Monday, July 26, 2010

Childhood - Everything That We Live For

Along with the mums in our Summer Chums group I have enjoyed the rising of the summer sun and the  starlit nights.  Water play, picnics in the sun and zoo visits are key ingredients in the lives of our children.  My role as a SAHM is not valued because I might grow a doctor, lawyer or a nuclear physicist.  Childhood should be savoured and enjoyed because it is change in your pocket on an empty day.

I think about the simple things I did as a child and I wonder why I return to them.  The farm visits, the late Sunday night trips to the park, and growing strawberries in the backyard.  Why do I go back to these memories?  I go back because those moments soothe me. Even though I endured a lot of pain and loss in my childhood the moments that my family created filled me.  Today I want to thank God for my childhood and the moments I seek to create with my children.

Thank you Lord for the memories of my childhood:

-stopping to pick strawberries after a ride in the country
-impromptu visits to the park after Sunday evening service
-picnics on the side of the road
-homemade summer treats
-ice cream floats just because
-sitting at the back of the station wagon 

Thank you Lord for helping me create these moments for my children:

-getting covered with sand after a day spent at the beach
-making a joyous splash at the local splash pad
-bubble gum ice-cream with bubble gum balls
-discovering the magic in bubble blowing
-backwards day ending with pancakes for dinner
-dancing to Hillsong Kids and singing our hearts out

Thank you Lord for showing me that it truly is in the moments childhood is created.  The making of a childhood may not be rocket science but it is every thing that we live for.

Join Ann Voskamp as she encourages us to give thanks.

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