Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'll Be Coming Down the Mountain

Moses and Mothers Press On
I kept him with us that Sunday.  He loves his Sunday School class.   The pastor talked about persevering with our children.  Soon after, I felt his little hand take mine and wrap it around his waist without a word.  The pastor continued to talk about Moses and his failures.  She reminded us that Moses kept on going.  He got frustrated with the Israelites but he kept on going.  There are many days that I want to press stop.  I would even settle for a pause.  Every mother knows you can't run away from home.  You have to come back down that mountain like Moses did to face what they have been up to.
Getting the News
Exactly 4 years ago to that Sunday (June 6, 2006) we found out that we would be parents.  We didn't have to wait for a stick or wait for a doctor's phone call.  Our news came from a social worker.  My husband picked me up from my teaching job that afternoon.  I knew the social worker had already given him the answer.  As I got into the car I eyed my husband anxiously.  His mouth opened with these horrific words, "They went with someone else."  My heart sank and then it lifted a little.  I saw a spark of mischievousness in his eyes.  "I'm just joking.  They picked us."  Just like that we became parents.  Four years ago on 06/06/06 I entered the motherhood.

The number 666 used to worry me.  The day my husband broke the news to me, we were on our way to sign mortgage papers. We couldn't help but share our news with the world.  The lawyer that was helping us was delighted for us.  I told her about my uneasiness about the number 666.  She explained that she is Jewish and that 666 added together was 18.  This number 18 signified life - Chaim.  So many lives were getting a new start.

Like Moses I often come down the mountain to find disappointment and chaos.   However, sometimes I witness moments when my son wraps my arm around him like a soft scarf protecting him from the lifeless cold.

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Rebecca MacIntosh said...

Oh Myrtle, you made me cry... that's precious... Love you, and your wonderful little family...