Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Who?

So I have been going down a road I am not to familiar with lately.  My eldest son has decided that Santa is real and to add insult to injury his Choir teacher cemented that thought by telling him that Santa is real!  Well if the lady at church says it then...  I conceded by telling him that we all have our right to our opinions and we also have the responsibility to respect the opinion of others. (Even if it is so wrong:)) So all weekend long I have been getting questions like:

Do reindeers fly?

Did Santa come to our house already?

Is Santa God's helper?

( My youngest son even squealed while looking out the window because he thought he saw the big guy!) I give up!

From a girl who grew up knowing very little about Santa  and never believing in him (sorry if I ruined it for you adults out there!) I now have to engage in daily conversations about the whereabouts of this man with a belly made of jelly!  I will tolerate these conversations but all the really cool gifts will always be from me! Sorry Santa!

Where are you kids on the Santa reality meter?

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Leanne said...

Santa puts gifts in our stockings as that is all he can fit as he has lots of kids to get to, the other gifts are from us.

Mandy said...

That is hilarious! I agree with you, when my sister and I were growing up, there was never any Santa nonsense going on. My husband's upbringing was different. When our girls were little, I humored him and wrapped a present for each girl with red wrapping paper that were left in front of the fireplace. Santa always brought nonsense gifts that I thought were silly. Why buy an Easy Bake Oven when I'd let the girls work with me using the real one...Santa brought that. I was relieved the year that the red paper wasn't hidden well enough and I was busted! Looking back, I might have been a little careless in leaving it out, but what can I do now! They still leave out cookies, but for years they've know that Daddy gets those. It's fun though I suppose if you like make believe things.

Melissa said...

My son turned 3 today and my daughter is 20 months. We do Santa for fun, but will never go to great lengths to convince and persuade them that the whole Santa thing is real. We will do whatever is necessary, however, to make sure they know the true reason for the season! :o)

Dacia said...

We go along with the Santa idea, but all the good gifts are from me too :) Thanks for the blog visit & kind coments!

Mike and Katie said...

No Santa from us. I made a point to teach them about St. Nicholas and how he served good by helping the poor. Mike's mom still sends gifts from Santa. She even had a neighbor kids dress up and bring the kids presents long after she knew we didn't teach them Santa.

Amanda has no knowledge but she lives a pretty sheltered life. Read: We don't get out much! :)

Leanne Hamer-Cabral said...

Santa has always been a part of our Christmas but I have never really played up the whole santa thing....our kids have always known that we buy the gifts and that we celebrated Jesus' birthday on Christmas. We do take pictures with Santa but the focus has always been about Jesus. When they ask me if Santa is real I just throw the ? back to them " what do you think?" but I usually follow up with the real meaning of Christmas. Hannah at 5 did however feel that she needed to tell her class the real meaning of Christmas and that it was Jesus' birthday and that santa was just a fun fairy i told her she couldn't because many parents want their kids to believe in santa and they need to be able to choose for themselves what they want to believe, even though we know the truth. It is tricky....Santa who we can see and touch is not real, but Jesus who we can't see and touch is real....
O well that is how we have muddled through it : )

Closer to Lucy said...

I'm with ya! I get the good gift glory!

My little people have always known who Santa is, cause if they are going to be good for's me!

My 10 year old stepson is a believer (though I think it may be fake) and I struggle at times keeping up the front.Still all the good, me, me!

I'm out hopping, hope you'll hop back by when you get time!

Myrtle said...

Love some of these ideas. I have decided that I am going to use this as an opportunity to teach my children to respectfully disagree. I state my belief and then they have the choice to believe it or not. Hope it works.

The Mom Chef said...

My husband and I disagree about this subject. I'm against promoting Santa as real, especially since Dudette watches cartoons and knows the difference. He grew up believing in Santa and wants her to. So, we both push Jesus' birthday as being the real reason for Christmas and that Jesus allows Santa to deliver presents to others since we can't give them to Him.

But I don't answer questions about the big red guy, instead telling her that she needs to ask her Daddy because he's more knowledgeable about Santa than me. And, I've told my husband that when the day comes when she asks us why we lied to her and told her Santa was real, I'm going to point to him and tell her to ask her Daddy.

The bottom line is that Jesus is the big reason and Santa is a minor player (she still talks him up though).

tawna6988 said...

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Eclipsed said...

Following from the friday blog hop.

My 18 month old daughter loves Santa and any other person in costume. I swear the girl has no fear!

Mika said...

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La Mama Loca said...

We are not Santa people either. For us, we didn't want the kids to have another adult lying to them, as their bio parents had all their lives. We hadn't planned on doing Santa before the kids came, but that cemented it for us.

We still enjoy all the classic Santa/Christmas movies, but the kids just enjoy it for the fun factor, not for the belief that he is bringing them gifts.

So far, I don't think they are traumatized by not having Santa!

We tell them some people like to believe because it makes them feel good. They are not allowed to tell other kids that Santa isn't real. My mom was sad that we didn't do Santa with them, but she seems to have gotten over it it now.

A Lil Story said...

I have been trying to figure out this situation too lately- the boys ask all the time now... I try to just dodge questions about Santa and make sure they know why we really celebrate Christmas... It is tough though! They are very curious little guys =)