Friday, December 10, 2010

Eating our Words

Okay, I have to explain.  I am a big time snob when it comes to butter.  I can be heard saying "butter is better" even in my sleep.  But yesterday I had to eat those words with a big dose of margarine.  My mom brought over some "butter like" margarine from her Black Friday shopping trip.  She thought it was butter because of the packaging.  I was a little suspicious when she announced that it cost .97 cents per package.
The suspect in all it's deceiving packaging!!!
We decided to make cookies for our neighbours.  So I took out the individually wrapped sticks of deceptive margarine.  We followed this recipe from Martha Stewart.  It is a great recipe but you need to make sure you under cook the cookies a bit.  I used mini marshmallows this time instead of the larger ones.  No biggie.  It still worked!  The only other thing I would recommend is mixing the cocoa powder and the icing sugar first for the frosting.  Make sure it is really well mixed.

About the Margarine:
I was a little nervous at first because the sugar and margarine did not appear to mix well in the beginning.  It took a little longer for the fluffiness of this combination to materialize.  But I turned up the speed and waited- something I am horrible at! It worked out in the end.

 Another mini nervous breakdown occurred when I added the eggs and milk.  The margarine hardened into little bits.  I kept on mixing and added the flour and cocoa butter mixture.

Another confession: I used the margarine for the frosting too.  I had to mix it in quite a bit but it was great!  The frosting does harden a little bit (after a while) but it is still spreadable.

The verdict:  It always comes down to taste.  I can honestly say that the flavour was....well...hold on I am taking another bite...oh goodness crumbs...licking my lips...sigh...okay it was DELICIOUS! Maybe I don't have a well trained pallet or something but the flavour was the same as the butter ones!  (Hanging my head in shame.)  If I do find this margarine on sale at .97 cents again I will buy it for recipes like this. Don't expect me to use it for my Cinnamon Bun recipe or my Christmas pound cake either!  I have to maintain some shred of my snob status!

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voiceofreason said...

Is it just me or is it hilarious that you chose to make the margarine cookies for your neighbors? Is that in case they tasted bad LOL
Your blogs always bring a smile to my face :)

Myrtle said...

I know that doesn't sound good does it? I didn't mean it that way. I'm glad our life makes someone smile:)

d @ dthatssewme said...

here I sit....sick as a dog with two sick babies and your cookies making my mouth water sooo bad! Now, I'm sick, aching AND carving those cookies! You are an amazing baker (cook, coordinator...etc..), I remember last year at MOPS, your cookies were my weakness!
Good on you for having patience when Mixing ( I LOATHE that part) and for creating such a divine looking cookies...yum! Enjoy!

Tiffany Christie said...

Here from the bloghop.
I follow you on GFC. I'd love for you to follow me back
Tiffypoot @ (

Cygnia said...

FYI – be sure to check the ingredient list of the margarine you used to make those cookies. Margarine products (especially the baking sticks) are notorious for containing hydrogenated and or partially hydrogenated oils (synthetically created saturated fat) – known for many decades and proven to cause some forms of cancer, diabetes type 2, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, low infant birth rates, ADD in children, etc. Contrary to popular belief, naturally derived saturated fat (like those found in virgin coconut oil for instance) plays a critical role in a healthy diet for things like optimally absorbing fat soluable vitamins (A, D, K, E, Omega 3s). Like you I love butter, but unfortunately its tough on my digestion. Personally, I use a new butter substitute that just came out - called "Melt" - which is organic, high in Omega 3s, rich in medium chain fatty acids (the good fats) - and has the creamiest, richest flavor of all the spreads out there. It bakes up quite well too – I have made thin, flaky pie crust using Melt instead of butter with great success. It makes a softer dough (so chill in the freezer before rolling), but otherwise bakes up very well.

Myrtle said...

This one had no Cholesterol so that was good. Thanks for the info! You are obviously passionate about this!

Myrtle said...
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