Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let The Words Fall

I dragged my heart here.  Earlier this month I told my friend that I had committed to praying for her marriage, our mutual friend's marriage and my marriage every Monday.  Today I came like a toddler with my feet dragging and my heart hidden.  I didn't want to pray for marriages on a day when all I did was feel faint with the disappointment of my own marriage.  But I hated to break a promise.

Echoes of arguments and images of angry hurt faces reeled through my mind.  I just wanted to be alone with my disappointment and anger. The day was about to shut when my eyes searched the blank screen of my computer.  This is where I let words fall for God to pick up.  I thought of googling some important question I had about my new business venture and then my eyes fell once again on the blank screen.  The words fell.   With each word my heart lightened.  The hope that I couldn't see earlier was making a quiet appearance.  In holding up my friends in prayer God picked me up.

I thank you Lord for:
-seeing the worth in me even when I can't bear to look at myself
-Cohen's intelligent questions
-picking up my brokenness and disappointment
-the mystery of praying for others
-the peace that prayer brings to my heart
-Kiran's clear lungs
-reminding me to listen to you when the words fall
-my circle
-Hannah's bright eyes
-dinner with my mom and the fab four
-Ella-Shilloh's chuckle
-brave friends

holy experience

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Heather of Swallowing A Moose said...

Beautiful thanks!

When we aim to serve others (even through prayer) we find ourselves be served by an Awesome Lord! He's too cool like that!

Blessings to you this week!