Monday, June 21, 2010

Awakening to Gratitude

Today I was stirred by a beautiful song by Chris Tomlin, Awakening.  It reminded me to let God wake me from the my distractions, business, and desires.  I appreciate when a simple song can remind us that God needs to be our alarm clock.  We should allow God a place by our bedside where he can speak into our ear the things and desires we have been sleeping through.  In my case I tend to focus on the tasks at hand and the stresses in my life.  I hear God telling me "wake up and see the good I have sprinkled into your life".  I feel his hand turning me to face the good in my life when I want to curl up and face the corner of darkness behind me.  This is my awakening.

Thank you God for:

-awakening to gratitude
-a great Father's Day Lunch with all four children that was void of tantrums, tears, and tension
-my newborn's gummy smile
-beautiful worship music that stirs
-Hannah's potty success (look mommy no diapers)
-awesome message from Brett Ullman (wow)
-reminding me that I am my children's first messenger of your love
-Cohen's sales talent
-a late night with friends, their spouses, and the best brownies ever
-a stress free High Tea
-Kiran's love for his siblings
-Your love for me

holy experience
Join me and many others as Ann Voskamp  reminds us to give thanks!

Join me at Blissfully Domestic today.  My post is evidence (for my frommies- mommy friends)  that I am committed to going green- one hue at a time.  Today I will talk about my journey on the cloth diaper trail.  I learned that going green benifits the pocket book as well as the environment.  If you want a more detailed look at cloth diapers and want to check out my review of Wee Ones cloth diapers have a look at my new Check It Out page at this blog.  Stay tuned for my reviews on some summer products distributed by Urban Bubbles.

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daniele @ domestic serenity said...

hello, I'm stopping over from Ann's blog. Lovely blog and enjoyed reading your list of gratitude!