Thursday, June 17, 2010

Resting at the Bluffs

We began before we met.  A phone conversation lit the spark.  He tells me that it was my feisty spirit that pulled him in.   I was unaware of what was happening until I saw him face to face.  Something about that first meeting made me feel heavy inside.  My stomach stood at attention and took note.

That first meeting he purposely walked in my view.  He remembers long wild curly hair amongst other things.  I remember boyish smiles for days, eyes that couldn't lie and quick steps.  Soon after I arrived I am invited to movies, dinners and other outings.  I mention I have plans.  I am not sure of him.  There was intensity in his company.  I had day dreams about meeting The One.  They moved much slower and lighter than this.

I often try to pinpoint when I fell.  I remember, being sick.  My nose dry, my throat hoarse and tight, my body limp from the flu.  He arrived with a plastic bag and exposed the contents on my couch.  A magazine, cold medication, throat lozenges, limp balm, orange juice and chocolate.  I looked at him that day and had no words.  There was a heaviness in my stomach and a flicker in my heart.

He was strong and capable.  He induced a feeling of protection and security.   I watched him carry our mountain bikes up the bluffs.  Confidence grew.  He could take care of things.  He could take care of me.  The openness in his voice, the vulnerability in his story and the willingness to please appealed to me.  Our prayers on the phone in the morning, our bike rides to the bluffs, and shared passion for great food, led me to my best friend.  

Looking back brings me to a time when I felt the sunshine on my face.  Closing my eyes for a moment I call back what is resting at the bluffs.

Join Ann Voskamp as she explores the spiritual practice of holy matrimony.

What do you see when you look back?

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