Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Matrimonial Seasons

I join Ann Voskamp on this difficult journey to "consider the spiritual practice of holy matrimony."  When you are in the winter season of your marriage you want to shy away from it and look in another direction.  When you see husbands gently pulling their wives under their embrace your heart longs.  There is a longing to join the "happily married" couples in their celebration and reminiscing.  You recall days when intimate conversations and trusting eyes were met with an open heart. The fear of never having those moments again grips and you let the moments move by. 

Sometimes I wonder why I am even participating in this "experience".  There is some shame that comes with being a Christian and experiencing difficulty in your marriage.  Some people shift and show other signs of discomfort when you share the place you are in.  You get the feeling you can't talk about the rough times while you are going through it. Yet through the shame and discouragement I hold on.  I hold on to God and his promises.  There is even a small part of me that holds on to the other promises that were made on that bright snowy morning 9.5 years ago.

Even though we are in the winter, I still look to the spring.  I look forward to the signs of new beginnings, rebirth and down pours of nourishment.  Just as the spring knows when to arrive, I know the next season will arrive just in time.

Join Ann Voskamp as she explores the spiritual practice of holy matrimony.


Dianna said...

I have so enjoyed stopping by your blog and looking around. I love your insight into issues and the way you display your feelings with words. Thank you for the transparency.

I will be back.

Amy in Peru said...

Your transparency is beautiful. it is NOT easy to be vulnerable. There are many of us who have had difficult seasons, thanks for giving voice to the hurt... there is also no shame in struggling... don't we all in some area or another? :) isn't grace a marvelous thing?

amy in peru

Myrtle's Turtles said...

Thank you Amy and Dianna! Grace is a wonderful thing!