Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunny Skies

The day reminded me of an old saying about spring.  It came in like the roaring lion of confusion and doubt and cleared like the soft bleating of a baby lamb.  Whenever I feel like I cannot get over the hurt of angry and unjust words or the sting of some betrayal, God shows up like the sunny day we are having right now.  The rain rested, the clouds cleared, and the sun in its quiet confidence appeared.  I am so thankful for today- even the chaos and confusion it came in with.  Here some other things I am grateful for.  

31. My 10 year old van that takes us here and there.

32. A day near the lake that gives me time to pause and soak it all in

33. "Soccer practice"  that renews my connection with my eldest son

34.  Flowers from Omi

35.  Hearing my eldest son tell me that he will pray for God to help me

36.  Three year olds playing soccer- namely Kiki kicking the ball around

37.  The return of a great friend from a wonderful vacation (at Disney)

38. Everything ice-cold (tea, drinks, snow cones, and slurpees)

39.  Bright yellow sunny days

40. Cuddling with our 32 day old baby

41.  Inspirations from God given friends who will hold you and your head up 

42.  Ice-Cream float parties

43.  Convictions: Col. 3:12-17 (Thank you CC)

Enjoy your day whether it be rain or shine!

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