Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marmee's Circle

No matter where I go I am bound to find a woman who has an interesting story to tell or something inspiring to share about her life. On Monday (desperate for some outing time with adults) I asked my friend to accompany me on a few errands. After the usual stops at the bank, grocery store etc... we found our selves at the cutest store in Ajax- A Stone's Throw. We thought we would stop in for a minute to check out the cute "country cool" home decor stuff. The store has the cutest dazzling flower napkin rings and the most awesome french country style furniture. One of my favourite things is my "Pandora inspired" bracelet I got for Christmas. Every thing is so sophisticated but easily accessible. The owner, Rebbecca, was there to greet us with a warm smile. After looking at all the cute things the store had to offer I just couldn't help wonder how this place was born. Rebbecca was eager to share her story. She wanted to spend more time with her kids and a change from her legal assistant days. I could certainly relate to this story. I loved how someone with no retail background could have the audacity(in a good way) to start something on this scale. Talking to Rebbecca, I felt so proud to be a mom. It was inspiring to see the changes we will make for our families and how daring we are in the pursuit of our dreams.

On Wednesday morning I had a few good friends over with their little girls and boy. Once again I was reminded of how God has blessed me with such awesome women in my life. We snacked on fruit and chocolate croissants and shared laughs about crazy times "before kids" and rare crazy times after kids. Even though each of us were facing our own particular challenges there was no need to hide behind the wall of perfection. It meant more to us to share. If we were not feeling like the best mom we could say that without worry of judgement. Our children didn't have to be on their best behaviour- mine certainly weren't. Our marriages didn't have to be oozing with greatness, and our homes didn't have to be decorated to the max. It was just enough to be ourselves and talk about whatever it was that was on our minds. The stereotype of the over-stressed, competitive, pretence of perfection type of mother found no place at our table of honest chit chat.

And now for a little humour courtesy of Louisa May Alcott.

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