Thursday, January 20, 2011

Temple Love: Timing is Everything

This is my best friend in Thailand.  She is one of the best at taking care of her body!  I cry when I think that we used to wear each other's clothes:(  

This post is a few days late.  (Sorry) I had a mediocre work out week last week. Here are some family members  / things that got in the way:

I am an early bird.  The morning offers many promises, one of them being a new start and a lot of energy.  I also love those early morning moments where I can hear more of my thoughts and less fighting, playful noises and screaming. (Let's be real we are a loud family!)  When I tried to work out in the afternoon or evening I wasn't into it and I didn't work out as hard.

Life can get in the way.  Note to self: Plan appointments, chores, children's illness, tantrums  and outings around your workout!  I had a few appointments and meetings that kind of made workout times difficult.

Sleep is my friend.  I can hear my children saying a collective AMEN in their sleep.  If I don't sleep my workouts are rushed because my mornings move like molasses.  I am up at 12:41 AM right now so I am still learning this lesson. Teachers don't make the best students!

I eat much better when there is a paper trail.  I didn't record what I was eating last week and my eating was all over the place.  I know some people find recording meals tedious but the control freak in me finds it satisfying.

Hope your week has been much more productive than mine!

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The Mom Chef said...

I'm sorry that there have been a few hiccups with your work outs. That's the way life goes though, eh? I'm very much not an early morning person and have found that if I try to do anything physical then, I just about throw up. I can easily sit in a chair, wrap my hands around a hot cup of coffee and pray to the One who makes the sunrises so beautiful. That's about it. :)