Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Temple Love

I am going where most women hate to go and wished didn't exist. I decided a week or two ago that I would try to start working out again.  I bought the Wii for the children for Christmas and I also picked up the Wii Fit for my mom and myself.
The only big deals in my life (1997): my best friend and my big hair!

Days and body gone bye bye!

Most people blame their weight gain on pregnancy.  I have the opposite problem due to my thyroid.  I loose weight while I am pregnant.  When I deliver I end up gaining weight like it is going out of style.  This happens to some women.  On their behalf I would like to ask God...pregnancy, childbirth, and this?  Really?  I think you could have stopped at childbirth God.  But then again you know best- keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

For 13 years I have been telling myself that I am okay with weighing 60-80 pounds more than I was ever supposed to.  I was always the skinny athletic girl.  I was involved in sports and worked out quite a bit.  I was one of those crazy people that loved to exercise.  I worked out 6 days a week and became obsessed with the shape of my legs.  I was determined to have legs like  Nadia Comaneci.  I carried her Danskin ad in my filo fax (so 1989).

In 1997 I gained 60 pounds- (no people it wasn't a typo).  I had no idea that my body would betray me (with a little help from a trip to England.)  That summer I graduated from University, went to England on my own, ended a relationship and started another one. I loved the shopping in England and bought all these amazing clothes I was sure I was going to need for work.  I was in deep love with a particular brown and cream hounds tooth skirt.  (I used to have style people- really I did!)  I also bought all these shoes...sigh.

By the end of that year I had to kiss that skirt and all my other clothes goodbye because I gained 60 pounds in the matter of a few months.  No one ever told me that your shoe size changes as you gain weight.  I went from a 6 to an 8.  My shoes went from my shopping bags to another woman's closet. I went to the doctor and asked how this could happen.  He explained that I was eating too much.  Okay... really?

Let's get to the readers digest version of how I found myself fat in my usually skinny self.  I learned later that I have hypothyroidism and my thyroid was having a party on me. (Thanks Thy!)

So here I am almost 38 and looking for at my body with a little bit of a healthier perspective.  I don't really have any weight amount in mind.  I just want to show some love and respect to this temple and look good while doing it.

Who is ready for some temple love?


Mining for Diamonds said...

I confess, I kinda like this post I found on

She made me think! :)

Seriously, though...exercise is like a 4 letter word to me! I keep telling myself that I need to find a Zumba that sounds fun! I need to do something because I'm having blood pressure issues...thanks to family genes...and I'm sure losing even 10 lbs would help. I'm way too sedentary!

Myrtle said...

Thanks for link. I have never been much of a dieter. That's why I am not putting a number to the weight I want to lose. I just want to feel more like myself again. I also love to exercise because it helps me release tension and stress. I totally need it!

Shannon said...

I have never liked working out. BUT have done it and lost my extra weight twice. This time I need to do it for health. Several people we know are fighting (in some cases lost the fight already) cancer or diabetes. I don't want to go there ever. My goal (as soon as this flu is gone) is to work out twice a week at least until my 35th birthday in March and to eat more fruits and veggies and a little less meat.