Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chasing Thoughts

This week has been tough.  The constant reminders, yelling, incessant chatter, sibling fights and road runner paces leave me tired.  I sit tonight and reflect on the week that slipped passed me.   The days where my voice thinned and my chest pounded leap back into my mind.  I think about all the messages he heard:
go to
       the step
       your room
       your bed
                    without prayers

It hits me right back.  Nobody should go to bed without... especially prayers.  As exhausting as his feet are to watch and his questions are to answer he is loved.  He calls me to a place where my feet turn from and my head aches in.  A place where I know he would rather not be if he had a choice.  He doesn't.

He doesn't like chasing thoughts that don't rest - even for a second.  He would rather finish what he started and be the star student -for once. He would love to spend time with his siblings that don't end with someone getting hurt because impulses raced ahead of reason.

Tonight I remind myself that I hope to be a reminder of what he can be despite the racing thoughts, impulses that don't quit and quick steps that lead everywhere all at once.


Little Lovelies said...

Your son is blessed to have a mom that understands and advocates for his cause. Your love for him is evident. Your patience will be rewarded. And one day he will know how much you fought for him and he might just say "thanks mom".

Mining for Diamonds said...

I agree with Little Lovelies! (((hugs)))

The Mom Chef said...

Ah, Myrtle. I don't even having the sibling fights but I feel your pain. I have a very active, inquisitive young one too. Hugs to you, my friend.

Myrtle said...

Thanks Ladies. I'm great I have such faithful followers who can check in and encourage!