Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girls Weekend

Just finished the best weekend ever.  Really. I wanted to fill you in on every detail but thought you might have other things to do - like facebook laundry.  So I'll give you the super reader's digest version.  I love cookbooks and read them like novels so that's how I've chosen to write about this weekend.

1 swanky hotel suite with 3 beds in the middle of downtown Toronto
3 giggly-but-chilled-out-snack-happy girlfriends
1 early morning Walmart run for mags, peanut infused snacks, and A & W (you know how much I love it!)
1 mid afternoon sprint to the new mall where we met Mark McEwen (the chef- photo to follow) and bought stinky cheese and crusty bread
1 quick run to LCBOhhhh (the liquor store) for ice wine (thanks mom), Zinfandel, and a mini shot of Baileys

Endless frivolous t.v. shows while we ate brie, sipped wine, and flipped through magazines in the comfiest bed ever
Room Service
Sweet gifts (chocolate dipped strawberries) from Libby's husband delivered to our room (the strawberries that is!)

1 late late late breakfast that lasted as long as we wanted it to
1 Subway trip to the mall for products that make us smell as sweet as we are (deep down inside)
1 late night dip in the hot tub
3 Amazing families who understand how much we needed this weekend without our children or anyone else for that matter (Thanks Mom - You are the best!)

The plate included salsa, popcorn, french bread, chips and brie - just perfect!
Take all these ingredients and mix them together in any order.  If you would like to increase the amounts any of the ingredients go ahead.  You'll have a blast! For real!

Unfortunately we had to leave.

Have you ever gotten away for some real rest?


Mining for Diamonds said...

Wow!! Sounds like an amazing time!!!

Nesty Girl said...

Ice wine? Stinky cheese? Chefs? Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!