Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Better Late!

Their superhero capes from Little Ra's.  They loved them!

I spent the first 7 years of my life in the Caribbean on a little island called Dominica.  I had never heard of Halloween and when we moved here we still didn't celebrate it.  So when I had kids I struggled with this whole idea of Halloween.  I am still not sure what my thoughts are - so I went ahead and used the amazing costumes that my friend gave us.  Just perfect for our family.  I guess it was time to hang up the Spiderman pyjamas my son had been using as a costume!  

Yes! I know I am a little late in posting this but these pictures disappeared for a week and I just found them.  When they vanished I thought it was a sign or something! Crazy- I know.

The spicy little pumpkin!

Best Zebra face-ever!

All the candy they didn't get to eat!


Steph said...

Everyone looked completely adorable! Haha we hid their candy as well. Happy belated Halloween!

The Mom Chef said...

Bravo on the costumes! The kids look so adorable in them!

The way I figure Halloween is this; "they" have taken Christmas and Easter and tried to turn it into something selfish and fake (Santa and the Easter Bunny), so I'm going to take what's generally a pagan night and let my daughter turn it into something childlike and fun. She's not allowed to dress scary, just for fun. The biggest problem is keeping her daddy away from her candy, not her!

Myrtle said...

I love your take on Halloween "Chef Mom"! That simple statement has clarified things for me! Thanks!

millionaire instantly said...

i don't have any idea of what Halloween is, but the kids are cute in those costumes!

The Mom Chef said...

I haven't seen you "around" lately. I hope all is well and your head is well above water!

Blessings on you this week of being thankful for all He has done for us.