Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cooking B.K. (Before Kids)

My old kitchen...Oh how i miss thee! I almost forgot we have napkin rings!

Remnants of my B.K. life!

When I visit the Pioneer Woman's blog I salivate, not only because of her delicious looking food but because of the seemingly domestic bliss she lives in.  I love cooking, trying new recipes, creating menus that require pen to paper and numerous trips to grocery stores that crisscross towns.

Due to our full young family and single income I find it difficult to indulge in my favourite past time.  The feeling of excitement as I anxiously poured through my various cook books and magazines is indescribable.  I loved planning a meal based on deliciously frivolous criteria.  For a shower for a colleague during the holiday season I decided to make a green and white menu.  Everything had to be naturally green and white.  I even found fresh white asparagus!!! Good times!

Another favourite before kids cooking memory was taking cooking classes at the local LCBO.  For my American friends that is where Canadians get their alcohol.  My friend and I learned how to cook an entire menu Parisian style. 

My favourite spot...I had to leave behind!

Holidays were especially delicious at our house.  I used to make Valentine's dinner for my husband which included mini lemon meringues in lemons! Oh the good old days.  Then I had a year where I was obsessed with creme brule.  I even bought a mini hand held torch.  I was intense!  That same year I made  a ice cream cake covered in baked meringue icing. (Another Martha Stewart favourite!)  Then I decided to make homemade ice cream for Christmas gifts! True joy!

There was the Julia Child baking phase where I baked croissants, focaccia, cinnamon rolls, bagels to my hearts and my husband's content.  These required trips to the back rooms of grocery stores to find fresh yeast.  I had to do a lot of convincing to let them sell it to me.  Fun times! Truly! One day I will be able to indulge in real vanilla beans, unbottled Parmesan cheese, and black truffle oils again... one day!

Pardon my trip down memory lane but I just miss the good old days where I could go to great lengths to make a meal spectacular. For now the basics will have to do. 


Jen said...

Oh man that kitchen was awesome!!!!!!!

Mike and Katie said...

I often think the same thing. We've been on survival mode in our kitchen for the last year. I found some rosemary and couldn't think of the last time I had used it. Some day your little will be joining you in making marvelous creations but now you can just keep it simple!

Good night!

The Mom Chef said...

I am so, so sorry that those days are just memories right now. For some reason God has this for you. Of course, that being said, I wish I could indulge in real vanilla beans and black truffle oil too. ::sigh::

Anne said...

Oh how true that is... I use to cook and bake but now I am lucky if I am home to cook. With two kids in sports and two in college. Basics is good too.. it's the quality time with your family that counts... You should post what your kitchen looks like now..LOL.

Anne @

Myrtle said...

I should! It is so different!