Friday, October 1, 2010

Did I Mention I Just Had a Baby?

Recently I launched my website Marmee's Circle.  I loved creating this website and imagining how I could inspire and be inspired by women, their products and their stories.  I set out working on the website late at night while everyone slept and smiled with excitement (to myself).  Did I mention that I had just had a baby?

I didn't stop there.  I wanted a launch party where I would bring some of these awe-inspiring women together.  We had a blast looking at the fruits of our labour.  We savoured beautiful lip balms, hair pieces, paper art, knitwear and more!  I should have just sat back and savoured the taste of our efforts at connecting and sharing.  I didn't.  Instead I was inspired to have a trade show.  That is how She Made It! was born.  I wanted everyone to see what I saw and experience the talents of our little town.  Did I mention that I had just had a baby?

Then I started a second blog about homeschooling.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention, at around the same time as the baby, website, launch, and trade show decision - I made the decision to home school our son!  Wouldn't it be fun to record my trials and joys of homeschooling my "energetic" kindergartner?  Oh yeah! By now you know that I just had a baby!

Recently I sat back and I thought, "What is wrong with you?  Can't you just sit still and be bored for a while?  You know, watch your new born's hair grow, chose nail polish colours, read a magazine, brush your hair... nap... you know...just breath?"  Apparently that concept doesn't sit well with me.  For some reason God created me with a desire to create.  Whether it is a concept, website, meals, or a trade show, I was made to create.

When I feel anxious, angry, sad or frustrated, I write.  When life overwhelms me with chaos and confusion I plan events and outings.  It soothes me in a way I can't explain and brings me closer to the people I love.

Tomorrow Join me at (In)courage as a I share how God helped our family during a traumatic time.


Hanna said...

Hi there. I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hop! Lovely blog!! You can find me at

Mommies 2 Cents said...

I think the same thing sometimes "Can't you just stop?!" but then I think I would go crazy lol. Great blog! Following from Following Friday. Hope you'll stop by soon! Have a great weekend.


Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

What a beautiful family you have!

I just found your blog from a Friday Blog Hop! Have a great weekend : )

Amanda @

The White Whimsies said...

Just stopping by and following your blog. Have a great weekend!

Kristin said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower!

Kristin :)
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Mike and Katie said...

Well, that explains things! I kept seeing posts on my Facebook feed but then they never showed up on my Blogger Dashboard. I never selected them off the FB feed because I thought I would see them in on the dashboard. But they were from your homeschooling that I didn't know you had. Phew! Did I mention I just had a baby? :)

Love the homeschooling blog! I'm going to go follow that one now. I liked your video. It's so fun to hear your voices. You have an accent like my friend from Trinidad.

Myrtle said...

Katie, that is too funny! Thanks for visiting the homeschooling blog. About my accent- I am from the southern part of the Caribbean so that probably explains it. The first video I did I couldn't post because I was in it and forgot I still had my pjs on!! Fun times over here!