Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sleeping Mommy & The Beast: Lessons Learned

I am a bit delayed in writing about how my week of sleep went.  Well I slept well for 5 out of the 7 days.  Most days I went to bed before the 11:00 deadline.  (Right now it is 10:51 PM so we will see if I make it tonight.)

What I discovered:

-more sleep equals greater memory
I didn't seem to forget things as much and I didn't have a million thoughts racing through my mind.  (Even though I had a million children racing through my house.)

-I didn't really get more done but I enjoyed what I was doing!
Usually I stay up to bake, blog or tidy.  I blogged less and didn't do much baking.  Even though I have felt a little down lately, it didn't feel as overwhelming as it normally would.  I could really "sleep off" some stress.  Now I know why my husband loves sleep so much!

-I actually had more motivation to do stuff WITH my children instead of doing stuff to or for them.  
We read a lot more books together.  We went for walks and outings.  It didn't seem like as much of a challenge.

Even though you could hear me yelling  talking to my kids from across the street  I could muster up some patience to speak to Cohen with out losing it.  (I'm still working on the other two.)

Well it is exactly 11:00 so I must click out!  See you in the morning!

How was your sleep?


Mike and Katie said...

I didn't usually make to bed by my ten o'clock goal but I was usually in bed by 11 pm. We seemed to be fighting a bit iif a virus so Tali wasn't sleeping as good as she had been.

I'm glad you're seeing improvement.

The Mom Chef said...

Kudos for making it to bed by your deadline! I have had sleep issues all my life so good sleep is hard to come by. I try to have the lights out by midnight. Our "alarm clock" is our 4 year-old and she goes off anywhere from 6:45 - 7:30 so I still get enough.