Thursday, October 28, 2010

Swimming In Our Pyjamas!

Have you gone swimming in your pyjamas lately?

I am sure you have but you don't even know it.  Our sons have swimming on Thursday nights.  So naturally I wanted to make bedtime on that night easier.  My eldest son suggested that I dress them in their pyjamas.  What a great idea.  I guess he has gotten use to me bringing pyjamas with us when we go to parties, small groups - well anywhere.  So this has become our thing.  I am sure it isn't anything new to most of you.  but swimming in our pyjamas is phrase that I use when we have thought of something that saves us both time and aggravation.

How do you swim in your pyjamas?



Mike and Katie said...

Feeding the babies in church. We go to a small church so we can just leave a booster seat strapped into "our" row. We wake them from naps, head out the door to church then I feed them during the first part of the service and then we leave when the sermon starts. They run around and play and then we put them right into bed when we get home.

Yes, they should learn to sit quietly without needing to snack and they will, but right now we're making the most of our time and sanity.

Myrtle said...

I hear you on the sanity part! We go to a big church and I usually hide out in the back when I can actually get into a service!

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