Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seasoned Friend: Join me at Blissfully Domestic

Our friendship survived university (apart), marriages and my first child.  Then she was gone.  No harsh words were exchanged.  No uncomfortable moments were sliced between us.  The friendship just dissolved like ice into lukewarm water.  I wanted to know, what I did to create this divide.

My lost friend story stood out like a badge of shame.  Women are not supposed to lose friendships.  Our whole identity is wrapped up in the fact that we are nurtures and caretakers of relationships.  We shake our head at men because they could learn so much from us about friendships.  

Join me at Blissfully Domestic while I share what happens when your friendships dissolve.

You can also join the discussion and share your stories of friendships lost.

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Misty said...

This has happened to me many times before. I just don't know what happened!