Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing Faith @ Blissfully Domestic

I always imagine that children who grow up to serve God come from polished Christian homes and not my holding-it-together-with-a-safety-pin home. Life has been pretty tough for us lately.  I frequently wonder how this is affecting my kids.  I want to be the mom that can really display God working in her life to them.  But many times I fall short.  My tone, my voice, my impatience are all reminders of where I am and where God wants me to be.
Then the little one shocks me.  His big brown eyes shining with joy.  Out of nowhere he asks me about making Jesus his forever friend. I am giddy with so much excitement that I can hardly contain myself.  Where did he get the inspiration? Clearly not from our life, I think to myself. He’s traveled on this rocky road with us and he still wants to make Jesus his forever friend?
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Traci66 said...

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The Mom Chef said...

Just these few words are such a strong reminder of how I show our daughter who Jesus is by the way I act towards her. Thank you for this.

It's because of this and other words from you that I've given you an award, which you can pick up at my blog (just right click and save the image to your computer than post it on your page). You deserve it and so much more.

The Mommy Mambo said...

Sounds like you have a sweetie have a way of seeing the beauty and magic in the worst of disasters.
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Krystal said...

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