Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We Made It!


Hair by Cherryappleart

Well, they made it.  From innovative cards to gorgeous hair accessories. I felt so proud to know women who make beautiful awe-inspiring creations.  Speaking of hair accessories, I was seriously loving my black rose head band!  It was a perfect addition to hair that wouldn't cooperate.  We also had a few surprise additions.  CC's friend came with her deliciously smelling lip balms.  I just had to snag the mint!  My lips can hardly wait.

Some of our ladies in Marmee's Circle

Wall Art by Lucky 7 Designs

Paper Poppy Wall Art by Lucky 7 Designs

Not your average card by Lucky 7 Designs

Two talented ladies meet and share!
Beautiful accessories!

Lip Service! Scented Lip Balms by Shauna.

Beautiful cards by Lisa's Cards.

Spooky Halloween cards by Lisa's Cards.

Overall the launch was a huge success!  Marmee's Circle is so full of talented amazing women.  You have to check out this Waterfall Card made by Lucky 7 Designs.  We also had cute cards from Lisa's Cards.  (Look for the link later.)

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