Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Serving Up Close

It is funny, I almost didn't write today.  It took a poem by my on-line friend to stir my heart and my thoughts.  I realized that I am so far removed from the lives of the needy.  In my church we make meals, buy formula, do the shoe boxes, bring food for the food bank etc... But in no way is my life impacted by the lives of people who need Jesus and the basic necessities of life.  It isn't because my church doesn't provide these opportunities.  It is because I have gotten carried away with my own needs.  I have been through some heavy duty stuff and have gotten used to being helped rather than helping others who truly need it.

My life has become more about comfort and fun and less and less about God's command to me.
I read a lot of blogs and the reason why I read most of them is because it stirs reminders and desires for me.  There are stories of women who are really making a difference and going out of their way to have an up close relationship with the needy. I remember being that fresh out of university girl who wanted to change the world.  I wanted to take the words that God had given me and write it on the pages of my life.

Instead I got caught up in my career, wedding, homes, children, marriage, illnesses and the list goes on.  When I moved away from the city and into our town, the distance I felt from those in need grew.  As opposed to seeing needs at my doorstep every day, I got used to not being "harassed" on a daily basis.  The needy became one woman that I would see occasionally on the main road and teenagers asking for money as you got off the highway.  Today my life has become more about my needs than the needy.  I haven't even thought about it for a while.  That is why when Ann Voskamp posted it I thought I had nothing to say on the subject.  Thanks to Misty for stirring up my heart and prompting this confession.

Lord I am sorry for forgetting your commandment to me.  I am sorry for leaving the needy to others.  Forgive me for not looking for them like you searched for me.  Help me to find a way that I can truly serve from up close.

Follow Ann Voskamp on this journey.


Misty said...

he loves a broken spirit above all else, and i think the acknowledgement on your part that you've moved away from that closeness that you had as a post-university girl, all fired up, etc... well, don't forget he also has you where he wants you and that you are doing a lot of jesus work right there in your own home, teaching those children and loving on them and their dad.
you have a beautiful heart, and i'm honored to be in the journey w/ you! (even if from afar!)

Mike and Katie said...

I have often considered it "better" to raise kids in the "safety" of the country or small town, but when they become selfish and ungrateful for the good things in their lives because they have so much and don't see need on a daily basis, is it really better or safer for their souls?

Thank you for the reminder to look for more opportuniities to serve real needs.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

This: "I am sorry for leaving the needy to others. Forgive me for not looking for them like you searched for me."

I am praying this with you....

*Thank you.*

All's grace,