Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I have been away for a little bit.  Very busy with our Mexican night on Friday.  I had a lot of fun planning the event and really wanted us to provide something very special for the ladies. Some of my crafty attempts were a bit disappointing.  I may have lost the crafter's touch.  Oh well...

This was my inspiration...

I tried...

On a personal note...
The boys started their joint swimming lessons this week.  I love watching their relationship develop into a more loving and supporting one. (Don't think for a moment that they are like this all the time.)  Even though it is not very good quality... I will cherish this photo.

We have a winner!
Patricia Caputo-Price won the Marmee's Circle gift pack.  Her inspiring comment about what really matters made her stand out the most.  Thanks to all the other participants for visiting our site and leaving a comment.  Patricia's prize pack (say that fast 5 times) includes a Rock Star necklace from Cherryappleart, a pack of holiday cards from Lucky 7 Designs, and a Nappy Pail from Sew Me.  All the items are being personalized just for Patricia.  Thanks to all the other participants for visiting our site and leaving a comment.
Lucky 7 Designs

Here is Patricia's winning comment:
What insipires me most is when I see children that have less than ideal parents. It Insipres me to try harder to be a better mother to my children. I believe our society has become enthralled with materialistic goals and you often find parents so wrapped up in their jobs trying to gain their financial goals they tend to neglect the emotional needs of their children. Often...most people seem to be having children for the wrong reason...they think it will give them some kind of status boost if they can say they are "married with children" when in fact the reason you should chose to have children is to share the love between spouses and to watch that grow and flourish within your children.
Just beautiful!

What's New
Marmee's Circle is hosting Durham's first trade show featuring products made and promoted by women.  On November 20th 2010 everyone will see what all the planning is about.  I have to say I have stopped myself many times along the way.  I am always full of ideas.  Some are small and most are big.  Sometimes I wonder why I don't dream small.  I know we are taught to dream big and see beyond our limits.  However, I often wonder if I should just slow down a little... after all I just had a baby!  That would not be me.  I keep busy to know that I am alive and still be passionate about my life.

Thanks for hanging in while I was hanging out!

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Meg said...

Thanks for the add on Blog Frog! love your blog, the design is so cute! I see that you are going to be featured by InCourage! What day will you be featured? I'd love to keep any eye out for you post!