Friday, August 20, 2010

The Blog Identity

Baby  Steps
I started my blog last summer as a way to chronicle my son's arrival into a world I left - school.  I thought I would write about the way the school system appeared from this side and share my insights.  Then I found myself taking a long break and not writing for weeks and months at a time.  I eventually got up from my stumble and took a few awkward steps and wrote about things that had little to do with my son's education.  I didn't really give much thought to finding a niche or fitting into this on-line world.

Teenage Fits
Recently someone asked me to describe my blog.   They wanted to know if I have a mom blog. I wasn't quite sure how to answer that question.  I said I write about parenting, cooking, cleaning, diaper wipes, friends, faith and on an on.  I didn't know how to define my blog.  All of a sudden the desire to fit in grew.  I wanted to fit in. So I tried different things, contests, giveaways, reviews etc... I joined blog communities in the hopes that I would gain approval and friends  followers.

All Grown Up
None of that felt right.  I asked myself what is the purpose of my blog?  It was no longer to chronicle my son's entrance into my old world, it wasn't to gain a following, it was to inspire.  I realized that when I go to a blog over and over again, I go there for inspiration.   So I will put the contests, giveaways, Tasteful Tuesdays, Make it Fridays away for now.  But don't be surprised if I do share a recipe and talk about how I made something that saves me time and money. After all it is my blog!

The insecure, trying to get everyone to sign your year book, zipper jean wearing stage is behind me.  I finally realized that fitting in is only important if it's the right fit.  These words on this page are my perfect fit.

(Please don't be offended if you do any of the things mentioned above. You are entitled to find your perfect fit.)

Have you found your blog identity?


Dorian said...

I like this post...very honest and true.
My perfect fit (well, I have tow...cuz I got me two blogs!! LOL!)
I'm crafty and thrifty in one (and rather goofy and crazy)
and joyful and as faithful as I can possibly be on the other. You've read both of them...they're totally different.
Anyway, thanks for the great post (although I am officially offended!!! LOL!)

Myrtle's Turtles said...

Dorian, I love your blogs. I see your heart and passion in both of them. That is what makes them so appealing. I am glad you were not offended. The thing is I Iove visiting Crafty and cooking days on other blogs. That is why blogging is so appealing everyone has a voice and someone is always there to listen!

Kristina said...

Two thumbs up!! I love your courage to stay true to yourself and change when you were not completely happy with the direction you were going...even though you enjoy those things!!

Myrtle's Turtles said...

Thanks Kristina! It took a lot of thinking and debating. I'm so much happier!

3creativechics said...

It's funny that I have come across your blog. (blogfrog) Reading this post has made me think about trying to fit in with the blogging world. I am still considered a new blogger and was just asking myself the same question about my blog identity. You have given me something to really think about. Thank you :)