Monday, August 9, 2010

Gratitude on the Range

Our visit was cut short by the rain!  We will be back for the corn.

On Friday, my family joined another family on a farm visit in Zephyr, Ontario.  We saw the most beautiful chickens, white young turkeys and lazy pigs. In every direction we were met with a reminder of God's love for us.  Fields lined with sweet red strawberries, limitless skies, and children chattering in the background.  I just wanted to whisper "how great is our God?" As we walked around we also saw dirt, mud and unattractiveness.  This unpleasantness is where our nourishment comes from.  This is where we get the energy to grow and heal.   They partner with God to bring to our bodies what we turn away from.  I am filled with an overwhelming gratitude to the farmers and the workers that rise before the sun and cover themselves in dirt for our nourishment.  The rest of my gratitude list will be expressed in photos of our farm visit.  Bon appetite!

Nothing like the colour red on a farm!

The prettiest copper coloured chickens I have ever seen!

Can you tell how much we loved the chickens?

Pure White Young Turkeys

Three Billy Goats
The reason for our early departure.

Join Ann Voskamp as she encourages us to give thanks!

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keLi said...

"this is where we get the energy to grow and to heal."

this is so true. i read kingsolver's "animal, vegetable, miracle" book last summer and it really opened my eyes. great post.

NayLahKnee LahKnee said...

You are so right! It is so true about the unpleasantness. God ALWAYS penetrates the dirt to produce a miracle! He even has to mess around in my dirt to produce my little miracle called my life - it sure was messy! I have always wanted to have a farm.....from the time I was a little girl. And I will God willing...