Monday, August 16, 2010

Pickled Gratitude

This weekend was very tiring.  We had a small group meeting that lasted well into the night/morning at my friend's house. Then that morning I went to a friend's garage sale at 7:00 (am)!! (I know crazy!) At 9:00 I went to a learn how to pickle pickles!  Lots of crazy fun.  Even though I am too tired to even remember the crazy fun I had, and I smell of vinegar, garlic and dill- I am one happy chick  turtle!

My mom always said that it was very easy to please me as a child.  I never asked for toys or expensive things.  Whether it was a plain comb or a walking doll, I had the same reaction.  I was grateful.  I often wonder how I developed such a deep gratitude for the ordinary.  I look back to my childhood (especially when I was 6) and recall one tragedy after another: the death of my father, my mother's move to Canada (without me), and a hurricane that devastated our lives.  Somewhere in my life as a child I realized that people trump things.  Instead of things I clung to memories of my father (starting at age 2), wishes of being with my mother (which came true a year later), and the everyday with the people that loved me.

Today, in the midst of my exhaustion, I am reminded again to give thanks for the people that love me in my everyday ordinary life.

My Mom- she is the life of the party and the party in my life
Libby - the younger sister I wish I had, and mother extraordinaire
Angel - a woman that is coming to know her strength and has limitless compassion flowing through her
Missy - she has taught me that judgement does not belong in friendships
Miss Pa - the Northerner who really belongs in the south
CC - a woman who came out of my prayers and into my life
Mille - our precious fitness guru

I thank God for the power house of friends he placed purposefully in my life.    Who are you grateful for today?

Join Ann Voskamp as she reminds us to be grateful.
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Misty said...

oh, i love the reminder that people are more important than things. i remember talking to my "spiritual mom" and kind of lamenting just being tight and always on (or over, hmph) budget and just not feeling like i'm giving my kids enough, and she was quick to say, but you're giving them memories, and that's it, too.
i'm grateful for my sister, my husband and children, and for my spirtitual mom.

Sara said...

Rejoicing in the friendships that surround you. As always a joy to splash around in thankfulness. Your blog, simply delightful.

Splashin' in His goodness,

Christy said...

You are truly an inspiration! Your laughter and love of life have really blessed me and my family.

Thank you for all your kind words and for the encouragement you bring to your blogs!!

Many Blessings lovely lady:)