Thursday, August 5, 2010

SAHM- I am

There are days when I wonder if giving up a promising career as an elementary school teacher was the smart path to take.  These doubts are also partnered with negative comments and stereotypes from others.  Many of those comments center around identity and ambition. Join me at Blissfully Domestic today where I will explore the issue of identity and ambition as a stay at home mom.

How does your identity sit with you? I would love to hear from you!


Steph said...

I am a new SAHM after leaving my job in January. You captured exactly what I've been feeling all of these months. I love being home with my girls but it can seem like I never seem to make the right decisions for them. I want to, and it is what I'm striving for. Raising children to become moral, functioning adults is a HUGE task! I wish that people would realize that this is more important than making money and worth the sacrifice of my career. Thanks so much for your article.

Dee said...

I WISH I could be a SAHM. I admire moms like you who have made the decision to stay home with their kids--I think it's the wisest decision any mom can make for her kids. As for the criticisms and the negative stereotypes--what could possibly be bad about staying home to mother your kids full time? I don't get that.