Monday, August 23, 2010

Raising Blessings

I waited 4 years to formally bless our 4 children.  It was definitely worth the wait.  I had planned a fun day at the local park that included possible walks along the nearby beach, splashing in the splash pad and playground fun.  I had stocked the freezer with sausages, min burgers, and ribs for this special day. I checked the weather meticulously to make sure it would cooperate.  The night before I had 5 crock pots full of sweet sticky ribs.  My mom  made vegetable and fruit trays.  I counted cookies for our ice-cream sandwich bar and spent way too much time planning every minute of the day.  Then I woke up to find the skies full of clouds and heavy with rain.  My heart sank.  My blessing ceremony wasn't going to be the big out door bbq I had planned after all.  

Instead we used the church.  My friends help set up tables, chairs and our food in 20 minutes before everyone arrived.  Tables were lined with steaming containers of meat, salads of various kinds and drinks ready to quench thirst.  Inside I felt a sting when I remembered friends who were missing and plans that were altered.  It was not going to be the big party I had planned.  Then the official ceremony began.  My husband and I listened as the children's pastor blessed our children with words of our saviour and graciously led our "community" on this altered journey.  We laid our hands on the heads of our children and blessed them.  Our friends and family read blessings for each child while meeting their eyes and embracing their hearts.  Our children beamed with that awesome feeling of knowing you are special.  At the end I felt full of love for my children and eager to embrace these altered plans.

In the end it wasn't my countless perfecting list, a crowd, the sunny skies, and a menu that made our day a blessing.  It was the look in our children's eyes that showed the bursting hearts and beaming joy.  It was a commitment that bound friends to family and family to child.  It was a shelter protecting us from natures unpredictability.  It was a pastor whose words inspired and touched the hearts of two parents struggling to raise the blessings that God had poured into their lives.  

Today I would like to thank God for four blessings: 

1.  Thank you for the spirited blessing that is our first born.

2.  Thank you for the humorous blessing that is our second born.

3.  Thank you for the determined blessing that is our third born.

4.  Thank you for the soothing blessing that is our newborn.  

Who are the blessings you are raising?

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Misty said...

i love this list!!! firstly, that it implies how perfectly you know the nature/personalities of your children and how you can be so thankful for just who God made them to be. and i also love that you had your plans and he had his, and it was the best. i love that you even wanted to have a blessing ceremony and now i want one, too.
and you make me miss sweet memphis barbeque (the only real kind, you know!) like no one's business!

mary said...

I am loving your blog and all the pics. I have decided to follow your blog. Thanks for the visit to mine, hope you will decide to follow as well. ♥